jueves, 6 de mayo de 2010

40 Things about Facebook

20 things I like about Facebook:

1. You can share with others.
2. You can see your photos.
3. You can see photos from others.
4. The status that you can post.
5. Writing on other people's wall.
6. Keeping in touch with people that live far away.
7. When someone that you haven't seen in a while adds you.
8. If you want things more private you can send a message.
9. You can block people that you dislike.
10. You can "like" walls or status.
11. Playing Farmville.
12. Playing Texas Holdem.
13. You are aware of events.
14. You know exactly were people are.
15. You can report photos that you don't like.
16. You can put nicknames to your friends.
17. You can find out if your girlfriend cheats on you.
18. You remember everyone's birthday.
19. You can send gifts to others.
20. You never get tired of it.

20 things I dislike about Facebook.

1. The Messenger
2. People can stalk you easily.
3. People putting drunk photos of you.
4. People posting bad things on your wall.
5. Sometimes it becomes really slow.
6. Sometimes you have to skip photos because it freeze.
7. They have lots of games and most of them are really bad.
8. All the advertisement that goes around.
9. While logging in, it sometimes asks you again for your birthday and it asks for a code.
10. People may find out things that you didn't want them to find out.
11. It may put you offline sometimes.
12. They have some terrible applications.
13. People sending all sorts of gifts.
14. People sending you invitations that you don't want.
15. Duplicated groups on Facebook.
16. Groups for political campaigns.
17. People having 2,500 friends.
18. When someone really creapy adds you.
19. Addicted people.
20. Fake people.

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